It’s that time of the year where everyone’s asking if you made any New Year’s resolutions. This year I thought it would be productive–and fun—to put together a list of 10 shooting resolutions for me to stick to!

1. Get to the range more.

Once a week at a minimum is my goal for 2017. Even if I can’t find a buddy to head out to the range with, I’ll make it a point to go it alone. After all, fewer distractions on the range will allow me to focus on my shooting. I’m going ahead and noting range trips in my new 2017 Planner. If it’s on the schedule already, I can simply plan around it, right?

2. Practice dry firing.

Dry firing is great for correcting bad habits that may have developed on the range, speeding up target acquisition, and smoothing out trigger pull. It needs to happen regularly, and it’s something I can do at home, any time, day or night.

3. Make shooting goals.

This will be the year I head to the range knowing what shooting techniques I want to work on, instead of just winging it. By assigning specific goals to range trips, I can work on improving my shooting, one target at a time.

4. Reject negativity.

I’m done with negative people in 2017. Negative people—whether they’re with me at the range, working at the gun shop, or commenting on social media—can drain the life out of me. Want to tell me what I can’t do? I will show you otherwise.

5. Differentiate between “needing a gun” and “wanting a gun.”

Every time I read about a great sale on a gun I don’t have, it seems the headline always reads something like “Annette! We Have the Gun You Need!” I promise in 2017 to differentiate between “need” and “want.” I don’t need a new gun…but I always want one.

6. Reserve the right to ignore Resolution No. 5 on occasion.

In less than two weeks I leave for SHOT Show, which is the largest gun-related trade show in the world. My definition of need and want will definitely become clouded and confused several times per day as I walk the miles of trade show floor and meet with gun manufacturers. So many firearms in one place…I’m sure I can change a want into a need!

7. Reorganize my range bag.

The current status of my range bag could be classified as a small natural disaster. I need to make the time to dump my bag and repack it from start to finish in a more organized and efficient manner. I especially need to refresh the first aid supplies I carry in in it.

8. Improve my stamina.

Getting into better shape for the New Year sounds so cliché. But adding more cardio into my daily routine will help not only my shooting, but my overall health as well. That will be especially important if I start shooting some 3-Gun matches this year (see Resolution No. 9).

9. Trust myself.

I’m not an overly confident person. I shoot well, but I don’t believe I shoot well enough to compete. I need to trust myself and take a leap of faith into more competitive shooting. A girl’s gotta start somewhere, right? Even if I’m at the bottom of the curve, learning from other shooters and improving my own shooting will make it all worthwhile. I need to channel Luke Skywalker and use The Force!

10. Make time.

This is probably the most important of my 2017 resolutions. Most of my resolutions hinge on making the time to get them done. We’re all busy with work and family schedules, but in order to grow as a shooter, I must make the time necessary to put in the appropriate effort.

Wishing you all the best in 2017!