Well this is a face-off that can finally settle a number of dorm room arguments.

You might remember the story we did on the guys from BuzzFeed who went to Taran Butler’s shooting range to see if they could beat Keanu Reeves’ impressive time posted while training for John Wick: Chapter 2 in the now famous Youtube vid.

Now, the BuzzFeed folks have set up an even more interesting head-to-head shooting match: Two pro gamers vs. two combat veterans at the Los Angeles Gun Club.

In the video above, David Lonigro a retired MARSOC Sniper, and Mikal Vega, a retired Navy SEAL went up against professional gamers Fatal1ty and RunJDRun, who had never fired a real gun in his life.

The surprising thing? The results were kinda close, though the gamers got a chance to do some practicing first, with some pointers from the two pros.

Staffers from the Internet media company tried to beat Keanu Reeves’ time at a 3-Gun course when he was prepping for the second John Wick movie.

BuzzFeed vs. John Wick

In the first drill the shooter alternated between two targets, going for double-tap headshots, for six rounds, with a rifle at 25 meters.

The first gamer, Fatal1ty had an accuracy of 67% and time of 3.15 seconds.

RunJDRun did about the same, with 67% accuracy and a time of 4.03 seconds.

The veterans?

The MARSOC sniper put up a 100% accuracy score with a time of 4.03 seconds.

The SEAL also scored 100% accuracy, but took longer, with a time of 5.23 seconds.