All of 22plinkster's videos have been removed from YouTube.

UPDATE: Gun Channels Under Attack on YouTube:

If you watch gun videos online, you’ve no doubt run across a few by YouTuber 22plinkster. He’s a popular trick shooter who specializes in, you guessed it, .22 LR firearms.

He’s posted vids on things like lighting a match with a bullet and shooting a string off a guitar with a pistol that have been steadily growing more popular. But if you tried to visit his YouTube channel today, which boasts 452,664 subscribers, or try to watch one of them embedded somewhere online, all you’ll see is static.

In the wave of anti-gun hysteria following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, 22plinkster was forced to temporarily shut down his channel after garnering a strike against his account, bringing his total to two. The shooter and video star said he can’t risk getting a third strike and having his YouTube account suspended indefinitely.

All of 22plinkster’s videos have been removed from YouTube.

He posted the video above on Instagram, encouraging viewers to subscribe to his channel on Full30com, what he calls a more gun-friendly video platform.

“A couple minutes ago I was outside shooting a video for next week and I got a notification that YouTube has put another strike on my channel, for an airgun video I did months ago. I don’t understand this,” 22plinkster said in the video. “I know that in the past 48 hours they have about 15 to 20 gun channels, and airgun channels all on YouTube.”

“This is crazy. These anti-Second Amendment people are coming over here and flagging our videos and forcing YouTube to to put strikes against our channels,” he said. The video-hosting site has an automated system that applies strikes against channels for violations of the site’s policies if any of their given videos are reported by enough viewers.

22plinkster’s videos are still available on

For now, all of 22plinkster’s videos have been pulled off YouTube voluntarily.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but for the time being I have suspended my channel on YouTube, so if you go to YouTube, there aren’t any 22plinkster videos on YouTube whatsoever. I haven’t deleted (my channel), but I’ve at least suspended it. Once I find out what’s going on, or if we hear something back from YouTube, I will release the videos and put them back up, but until then, my hands are tied.,” he said.

“I can’t afford to get my third strike. I will keep you guys informed,” he added.

This isn’t the first time gun channels on YouTube have experienced such shutdowns, voluntary or otherwise, in the wake of a high-profile shooting.

Hickok45’s popular YouTube channel has twice been shut down, along with numerous others.

YouTube has steadily been gaining the reputation over the past few years as a unfriendly place for gun content, as the site attempts to shift from primarily user-generated content to more produced original commercial content, similar to what Netflix is increasingly producing.

Our sources tell us that more than a dozen air gun channels have also been shut down under similar circumstances, though we cannot confirm the details at this time.

The video below, posted by Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel, helps explain some of what’s going on. Warning, it’s a bit lengthy and the guy in the vid gets pretty emotional after what he calls a rough 10 days in YouTube land.

The video’s description lists a number of channels that have “been lost” in the past few days, though several of them appear to be perfectly active at the time of this post.