3-Gunner Donates Jersey Sponsorship to Charity for Kids With Cancer

For a professional 3-Gunner, attaining a sponsorship is everything. It's how they pay for match fees, ammo, firearms, parts, travel—everything that lets them train and compete at the highest level.

So the fact that new 3GN Pro Matt Koopikka is giving up his jersey sponsorship for charity is no small deal.

No only that, but his decision comes right before his 3GN Pro Series debut, which comes with guaranteed TV placement that could have generated even more potential sponsorship dollars for Koopikka, according to this story from 3gunnation.com.

But that's what Koopikka is doing. The Michigan native donated his jersey space to Ryan Rocks Outdoor Adventures, a local charity organization that strives to help children with cancer. The charity gets the kids out of the hospital to enjoy the outdoors by hunting and fishing with their families and caregivers, the story says.

"I had some sponsors lined up this year, but I held off and instead decided to try and promote Ryan Rocks," Koopikka told 3-Gun Nation. "I first learned about RROA through the president, Bob Miller, during a local USPSA match. His son, Ryan, was diagnosed with spinal cancer at a young age, and after his passing, Bob knew first-hand how hard it was for families to enjoy their time with their children due to bills and medical procedures and schedules. Bob also found it heartbreaking that his son was unable to go outside and play like every kid wants to, so he started RROA."

RROA is run by an all-volunteer workforce and all donations collected by the organization go directly to supporting patients at the Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit.

"With their current funding, RROA takes two kids and their families on full-ride 'outdoor adventures' per year, usually hunting or fishing, or really whatever the child thinks will be the most fun for them," Koopikka said. "They also run monthly programming at the hospital, like movie/game nights. It's a passion project and a lot of funding comes from the Miller family's pockets."

"My wife and I are so grateful to Matt for forgone sponsorship and drawing attention to Ryan Rocks OUtdoor Adventures." said Bob Miller, RROA president. "Having your child pass away of cancer is devastating. The potential of people forgetting that your child lived always lies heavily on a parent's mind. Having Matt wear and represent our organization on his jersey is extremely uplifting and a way to keep Ryan's memory alive."