375 CheyTac Claims Another Long-Distance Rifle Record: 3,800 Yards

Hill Country Rifles announced this week that a member of the HCR team, Jim Spinella, has set a new long-distance rifle shooting world record.

According to this press release, Spinella, of New Jersey, hit a 36-inch diameter steel plate from the mind-numbing distance of 3,800 yards (2.16 miles) on June 20. The shot was reportedly made with the HCR Extreme Long Range Carry Weight 375 CheyTac rifle at the FTW Ranch in Texas. The new rifle was loaded with 350-grain CheyTac match bullets. The gun only weighs 12.5 pounds.

There was a steady wind of 9 mph when the shot was taken, with gusts up to 17 mph. The bullet traveled from ground level to an apex of almost 330 feet before descending to the target. It was in the air for 8.52 seconds, much of that time traveling at subsonic velocity, the release says.

"We at HCR want to give a special thanks to Jim Spinella. Jim is a great reminder that our business does not exist without great customers," said Matt Bettersworth of Hill Country Rifles in the release. "We build great rifles, but Jim has a great passion for shooting—his commitment to HCR is a testament to our dedication to both our work and our customers."

Here are some details on the new rifle that made the shot:

Action: Stiller Precision

Barrel: Benchmark match, 27-inch fluted with 1:11 twist

Stock: McMillan A3/5 adjustable stock, customized by HCR to fit action

Action mounting: HCR accurizing with aluminum pillar and glass-bedded action

Trigger: Jewell trigger set at 2 pounds

Optics: Nightforce Beast 5-25x56 scope

Other: Benchmark Miller Brake for recoil reduction


Muzzle velocity: 3,044 fps with extreme spread of 6 fps

Ballistic coefficient: .810 G1

Distance: 3800 yards

Temp: 86 degrees F

Humidity: 50%

Air Density Altitude: 4,280 ft.

Wind Speed: 16.5 mph

Wind Angle: 17 degrees

Time of flight: 8.593 seconds

Velocity at target: 850.7 fps

Energy at target: 562.4 ft-lbs

In 2014, Spinella and the HCR team made a 3,600 yard shot on a 36-inch steel target with a Custom 375 CheyTac. The same year, Billy Carter of Texas hit a 1 MOA target from 2.07 miles at the NRA Whittington U Long Distance Range using a CheyTac USA M200 Intervention rifle with a Vortex Razor HD Gen1 scope.

Spinella and the team say they will try for a 4,000-yard shot before the end of the year.