The approximately 400 firearms that were stolen from a United Parcel Service facility in Tennessee on Sunday were recovered in a Chicago suburb on Tuesday, according to police.

The robbery was the largest single gun theft the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) has ever investigated.

Two male suspects driving a U-Haul truck performed the robbery on Sunday, absconding with an estimated 400 firearms. Authorities say most of the guns have been recovered but that they are still trying to determine if some of the guns had already been sold or traded before the cache was found.

Just after the robbery, ATF spokesman Michael Knight gave Fox 10 a somewhat prophetic statement: “We are concerned that the firearms will end up on the streets not only potentially in the Memphis area, but also across the country. The criminal element knows no geographical boundary.”

Eighteen-year-old Taveyan Turnbo has been arrested and charged in the theft, but authorities are searching for his accomplice, and anyone else who may have been involved, Knight said, according to USA Today.


Police in Midlothian, Illinois have arrested a second suspect in connection with the UPS gun heist. Authorities say Roland Jackson, 24, was with Turnbo during the heist. This story from says the duo loaded three pallets of .22-caliber and .380-caliber pistols—containing exactly 367 handguns made by Ruger—into into the back of a U-Haul truck before speeding off. The whole thing was recorded on surveillance cameras and witnessed by employees.

All but three of the stolen guns were recovered when the cache was found, still inside the U-Haul truck. Turnbo told investigators he and Jackson sold three of the handguns for about $400, but denied participating in the heist.