Yesterday, we reported that Texas has taken the first step toward ousting its concealed carry permit system in favor of permitless carry. Now, Alabama gun owners are one step closer to constitutional carry coming to their state.

This story from says a bill written by Sen. Gerald Allen legalizing permitless carry has “overwhelmingly” cleared the state senate and will move on the to the house for another vote before hitting the governor’s desk.

“The purpose of the bill is to continue the efforts to protect the Second Amendment of the Constitution,” Allen said in the story.

During the legislative debate, the story says some in law enforcement spoke out against the legislation.

“It’s a right to vote, but you have to register to do so. I think this is similar,” said Auburn Police Chief Paul Register in the story.

Currently, concealed carry permits are issued by sheriff’s offices in Alabama. Police say they often use the permitting system as a way to “get criminals off the street when they are checked for those permits.”

“As a result of that, we have solved homicides. We have solved robberies across this state,” said Capt. Michael Salmonsky of the Madison County Sheriff’s office.

If the bill passes, it won’t completely abolish the state’s permitting system, which will still be available to anyone who wishes to obtain a carry permit, which would allow them to carry in states that recognize permits issued in Alabama.

“So when citizens go outside the state and visit other parts of the country. They can certainly carry their weapon with them and their permits with them and be completely legal,” Allen said in the story.

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