Alaska's Memorial Day Machine Gun Shoot

With winters as rough as they are up on The Last Frontier, Alaskans sure know how to welcome warm weather and simultaneously honor those who gave their lives for our country: Witness the Alaska Machine Gun Association’s Ted Smith Memorial Day Shootout.

According to this CBS story, every year a bunch of shooters gather at the Riverside Park and Range Facility in Anderson, Alaska to exercise their Second Amendment rights by shooting guns…a lot of guns.

Alaska's Memorial Day Machine Gun Shoot

In this video, you’ll see tables lined with everything from tricked out MSRs to vintage M1 Garands. Participants make spewing cans of orange spray paint dance downrange with a Sterling submachine gun, a Thompson, or an M60. And if the gun can shoot full-auto, it shoots full-auto. These guys even have a “jungle walk” set up with targets lining the sides of a path so you can go on a mock patrol.

The AMGA was established in 1999 as an organization of enthusiasts and collectors of Title II firearms and related items with two chapters, one near Anchorage and another near Fairbanks.

Alaska's Memorial Day Machine Gun Shoot

Watching people gleefully spew lead and turn their head toward the camera after the bolt clicks with that goofy full-auto smile plastered on their faces certainly feels like a celebration of all things American.