AMTAC's New Mantis Suppressor: SHOT Show Quick Look

This innovative new can is designed to keep a firearm's overall length to a minimum when attached.

AMTAC Mantis Suppressor
The AMTAC Mantis Suppressor is designed to keep a firearm's overall length to a by Tom McHale

I met the folks from AMTAC at SHOT Show one or two years ago. They machine suppressors out of huge hunks of steel instead of casting and welding pieces. Not only are they tough, but they also use a space-saving design twist. The over-barrel design of most of their suppressors means that much of the internal volume is behind the muzzle.

That’s right, when you screw the suppressor onto the muzzle, about four inches of the suppressor body covers the last four inches of the barrel. That’s important because you’re only adding three inches or so of overall length to the rifle instead of the normal seven to nine. The best part is that you also get good sound reduction.

The hollow space between the suppressor exterior body and rifle barrel helps capture hot, high-velocity gas, thereby reducing noise. There is an internal sleeve around the barrel so all that gunk doesn’t mess up your rifle.

internal baffle structure AMTAC Mantis Suppressor
The internal baffle structure of the AMTAC Mantis Suppressor has been completely redesigned to something like by Tom McHale

Their newest model will be available in three configurations, each optimized for their respective caliber ranges. The Mantis will ship in .30 caliber, 6.5mm, and optimized 300 Blackout versions.

The .30 caliber version is rated for magnum loads while the 300 Blackout suppressor can handle both sub and supersonic 300 Blackout loads. All use the AMTAC over-barrel direct thread mount for consistency. You’ll be able to order them in gray, flat dark earth, or black. MSRP: $999