Amy Schumer, the raunchy comedian, actress, and cousin of anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has made her stance on firearms well known, publicly supporting her cousin’s anti-gun agenda and satirizing gun owners on her sketch comedy show Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central.

According to this story from, the comedian, who recently published a book called “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo,” said in an interview that she’s increasing her personal security. Unless they will be armed with pepper spray and bad attitudes, that means she’s surrounding herself with more guns in order to feel safer.

After discussing the difference between a “tramp stamp” and a lower back tattoo (apparently the latter is much larger) and her new book with Lena Dunham for her online newsletter “Lenny,” Schumer said she avoids reading about mass shootings or viewing news broadcasts to “protect herself from becoming emotionally overwhelmed.”

From the interview:

“Like, I skipped Sandy Hook. I was like, no, no, not letting this in, I can’t. I didn’t go too deep into Orlando. I was like, I can’t go down the rabbit hole because it really f—ing kills me for at least a week,” Schumer said in the interview. “And then I got really angry, and I was like, this is not OK. I want to really do something,”

A senator is calling for an investigation about the easily concealed backup firearm, which hasn’t been fully made.

Sen. Chuck Schumer Urges Cell-Phone Gun Investigation

After a shooting in a Louisiana theater during a screening of her film “Trainwreck” in July, 2015 that killed two people, Schumer says she got a call from her cousin, spurring her into action.

“Chuck Schumer called, and I answered and said I hope this is about preventing gun violence, and he said yes, do you want to do something? And I was like yes, let’s work together, I really want to help. So then I started going to events and meeting all these families of victims,” she said.

It’s worth noting that Schumer’s chronology of events is a little strange, as the Sandy Hook shooting occurred on December 14, 2012. The Orlando shooting at the Pulse Nightclub is the most recent event, occurring on June 12, 2016. The Louisiana shooting that supposedly turned her into an anti-gun activist occurred in between those two events on July 23, 2015.

Schumer goes on to say in the interview that she attended President Obama’s January 2016 ceremony announcing executive orders to expand background checks where she met with survivors of shootings and other gun control activists.

She did not address the fact that the suspect in the Louisiana shooting obtained his firearm legally, going through the required background checks in Alabama.

Though she says she cannot bear to read about the incidents, Schumer says she would give her life for the anti-gun cause.

“Seeing Obama deliver that speech — like, tears just shot right out of his face when he started crying about the first graders being shot — I was just like, I am a lifer, I am in this. I really hope I don’t have to die for it, but I would,” she said in the interview.

Dunham then asked Schumer if she has ramped up security at her stand-up shows because of her outspoken views.

“Yes. Security is up,” Schumer answered. “I’m really trying to protect myself. I am not being an idiot.”

Schumer went on to say that gun owners shouldn’t bother coming to her shows, because they just aren’t going to dig it.

“I’m just like, yeah, if you are voting for Trump, if you are about that gun life, you are not going to love the show. I mean people have the right to bear arms of course, but if me mentioning not wanting someone on the terrorist watch list to be able to legally buy guns is going to make you upset, then please stay home or go see Jeff Dunham,” she said.

Since his executive actions were announced, Obama has advocated using the secret and arbitrarily created “terror watch lists” and “no-fly” lists to remove citizen’s constitutional rights on mere suspicion, with no due process or adjudication.