On April 30, a group of people are planning to march on the campus of Miami University in Ohio…armed.

The group consists of students and gun rights advocates who have organized the open carry gun walk on Miami University’s Oxford campus to educate the public about firearms and open carry laws, according to this story from

While Ohio law allows residents to openly carry firearms on public property, it’s illegal to carry a gun on many college campuses, including Miami’s, the story says.

The event is being spearheaded by Jeff Smith, who has organized open-carry walks at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, the University of Akron, and Bowling Green State University. Smith encouraged participants on social media to carry both long guns on slings and pistols, and to bring their kids along.

On Facebook, Smith has worked to address concerns of parents worried about the safety of their children on campus and this release from the schools says there were no incidents at the other events organized by Smith.

About 30 people have signed up to participate in the open carry walk and about 80 others replied maybe to the event on Facebook, the story says.

Campus police will be on hand to “promote safety,” and the University said in its release that it will “not take disciplinary action against students under the Code of Student Conduct solely for legal possession of a weapon while participating in this organized event. Weapons are not permitted in the residence halls or other buildings on campus and students should contact the Miami University Police Department regarding storage of weapons.”