In a recent op-ed in the Des Moines Register, a college professor did something a bit extraordinary that many anti-gunners could learn from.

Professor Carol Spaulding-Kruse at Drake University in Iowa freely admits she doesn’t like guns. From the story:

“It’s not that she is indifferent about firearms or simply doesn’t care for them; in her own words she admits, ‘I really don’t like guns.’

“In fact, the English professor has such a deep dislike of guns and gun owners that the simple act of picking up a phone to call a shooting instructor incited a physical reaction in her.”

In the op-ed, she also admits to something you don’t hear very often, that she stereotypes gun owners, according to this post from

She goes even further, saying that she called a firearms instructor to learn more about gun ownership, shooting, and the Second Amendment.

She writes that, though it made her nervous to do so, she was met with kindness.

“The woman on the other end of the line turned out to be so helpful, I brought my entire class out to the Butch Olafson Shooting Range in Polk City, Iowa where she and her husband gave us a lesson (my very first) in shooting 9mm and 22mm handguns. A few days later, the couple came to campus to share their views on firearms and gun safety with us,” she wrote.

Unless they had her class firing some kind of anti-tank weapons, she needs to learn a bit more about calibers, but she did learn from the experience.

The story says Spaulding-Kruse still doesn’t like guns, even after learning the basics, but she admits that she no longer stereotypes gun owners.

From the story:

“Not ideal, but it is progress. And it’s something we hear of often. If people are willing to be open-minded and try shooting or even just talking to gun owners they often walk away with a vastly different take on the Second Amendment and those of us who believe so strongly in it.”