AR rifles are selling out in California, before most of them become illegal.

The recent passage of numerous laws in California will make it nearly impossible for residents to own a legal AR rifle when they go into effect. Predictably, gun store owners in the state say the demand for ARs has skyrocketed since Gov. Jerry Brown signed the laws on July 1, according to this story from

One gun shop owner told the site that “California-compliant rifles” sold so fast they are pretty much “nonexistent” in stores now and that incoming shipments have already been sold.

Ray Parga, owner of Marina’s Del Valle Gunsmithing, said in the story that the demand comes from the fact that residents simply “want to be able to have one before they aren’t allowed to buy them anymore.”

Brown signed six bills in total on July 1, including an enhancement of California’s “assault weapons” ban. The previous ban was circumvented by the addition of a “bullet-button” on AR rifles, which requires a bullet tip or other tool to release the magazine. The enhancements outlaw the bullet-button.

Breitbart reported that gun owners rallied in Sacramento the day after the bills were signed, saying they would refuse to recognize the new requirements and there has been a spirit of non-compliance since the signing.

Not long after, the inventor of the bullet button introduced the Patriot Mag Release, which requires the partial disassembly of an AR to remove a magazine, but would make them legal to own in California under the new laws.