A man is accused of opening fire inside a Nashville church on Sunday, killing one woman outside and injuring six others inside—but it could have been a far worse outcome if one of the ushers hadn’t been armed and also in possession of some serious guts.

According to this story from, church usher Robert Caleb Engle, 22, confronted the shooter, who was later identified as Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25. At this time, Engle was unarmed and proceeded to engage Samson in a physical struggle.

Even though this resulted in Engle being pistol whipped, the shooter’s discharged during the struggle and Samson was struck in the chest, the story says.

While the shooter was disabled, Engle, despite a head wound from the pistol whipping, ran out to his car in the parking and retrieved a handgun.

He then held Samson at gunpoint until police arrived, the story says.

“It would appear he was not expecting to encounter a brave individual like the church usher,” said Don Aaron, a spokesperson fro the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, in the story.

Police Chief Steve Anderson praised the usher as a “hero.”

Samson was treated for his gunshot wound at the hospital and released to police custody.

The story says he is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday and that his motives remain under investigation.

Police said four guns thought to be Samson’s have been recovered, including two pistols from the church, along with a rifle and another handgun from his vehicle. He has been charged with one count of murder and additional charges are expected to be filed.

Samson immigrated to the U.S. legally from Sudan in 1996. His victims who survived range in age from 60 to 84.