A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver in Hollywood, Florida fought back against two men who attempted to rob him when he returned from running deliveries around midnight Wednesday. The driver, Slayde Henry, drew a handgun and fired multiple shots at the suspects, killing one at the scene. The other escaped and remains at large. It is believed one of the suspects was armed.

According to this story from , witnesses said they saw Henry fire six times. Police have identified the suspect who was killed as Aldaberto Hernandez. The second alleged robber has not been identified.

Domino’s corporate spokesperson Tim McIntyre released a statement via email that said, “As do all national pizza delivery companies, we do have a no-weapons policy at our company-owned stores,” according to this story from “We are grateful that our employee was not hurt and hope the Hollywood police department can find the second suspect as quickly as possible.”

Because of the ongoing police investigation, he did not comment further on whether or not Henry will lose his job for violating company policy.

Delivery driver is the seventh deadliest job in America, according to these statistics from, along with sales workers and truck drivers.

In February, a Domino’s delivery driver was shot in the chest in Spring, Texas after delivering pizza to an apartment complex when two men attempted to rob him.

On March 24, a Domino’s driver, Michael Price, was murdered in New Orleans. Price was found in his car, riddled with bullets, according to this story. Suspect Michael Portis was arrested in April and held without bond.

Domino’s has made exceptions to their firearms policy in the past. In January, Sarah Cherry, a manager at an Arkansas Domino’s and a former U.S. Army MP Officer, used her .380 to ward off three armed robbers who came into her store and shot at her, according to this story on .

Cherry began carrying the gun after her father was robbed of the $18 in his pocket at gunpoint two months prior at the same location.

“She knows how to shoot,” Cherry’s father, Clint Cherry, said. “She could have hit them if she wanted to.”

There had been a rash of robberies in the town of Blythville and Clint, who also works at the Domino’s, told his daughter, “I said, use it to protect yourself. We lose our job, we lose our job, but we’re going to protect ourselves.”

Sarah Cherry was allowed to keep her job.