Armed Homeowner Thwarts Dog-Killing Robbers

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It's one of the nightmare scenarios for a homeowner: Realizing there are intruders inside your home. That's what happened last week when a Florida man returning home at night noticed lights on inside when they shouldn't be. What he discovered when he entered his home was horrible. It could have been much worse if he hadn't had a weapon.

Juan Pablo Flores, 27, came home around 8:30 p.m. on August 13 with his girlfriend and saw that the lights were on. Flores, who was armed, told his girlfriend to wait in the vehicle and went inside, according to this story from That story says Flores entered to find his two dogs shot to death, and two intruders, Tavarress Alexander Wilson, 26, and Obrian Simms, 23, in the process of burglarizing his home.

This story from the Palm Beach Post says Flores had one dog, which was killed.

When Flores alerted the burglars to his presence, one of them raised "an assault rifle." Flores then fired four shots at the pair, killing Simms and hitting Wilson in the face. Flores then ran from the home through the front door and said he heard multiple shots fired from inside as he did so, reported the Palm Beach Post.

A witness told police she saw a man bleeding from the face running through yards in the neighborhood. About a half hour after the incident, Wilson arrived at Bathesda Hospital for treatment of his gunshot wound. Though he gave a fake name and said he was shot elsewhere, police matched blood found in Flores house, confirming Wilson's identity and presence at the scene.

Under Florida law, Wilson can be charged with second-degree murder, because he was an accomplice in committing a first-degree felony when Simms was killed. He also faces burglary with assault charges and remains in the Palm Beach County Jail without the possibility of bond.

Wilson had been sentenced to concurrent six-year terms in state prison for robbery, armed robbery, and carjacking charges in 2006. He was released in January of 2012.