Alexander Borrego was standing by his open garage in his driveway in Harris County, Texas when four teens grabbed him and put a gun to his head. But they hadn’t chosen an easy victim. Instead, they got an armed, retired Marine defending his family.

Borrego’s wife and children were inside the house, according to Click2 Houston. When the gun was put to the back of his head, he gripped the handgun he had concealed in his hoodie.

“As soon as I got my hand on my pistol I turned towards the guy that had the gun at the back of my head. I immediately removed the pistol away from my head as I began firing at those guys,” Borrega said in this story.

The four would-be robbers fled the scene. One was later brought to a local hospital by his mother with gunshot wounds to his chest and leg, the story says. He is recovering.


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Situational Awareness 101: First Line of Self Defense

“Sad, but I had my pistol on me and thank God for that,” Borrego said.

He told Fox 26 that he is a Marine who left the service in 2009 and that he took action to protect his family.

“Before pulling the trigger, my last thought was ‘we’re all going to die right here because none of them are going to get in the house,” he said.

The incident is still under investigation, but the story says Borrega is not expected to face any charges.

This goes to show that, even in your own driveway, it’s never a bad idea to be armed and situationally aware.