Armed Pizza Hut Employee Stops Armed Robbery

Armed Pizza Hut Employee Stops Armed Robbery
Pizza Hut has a no-weapons policy and the employee is now on "a leave of absence." photo from guns.comweb photo

A concealed carrier ended an attempted armed robbery at a Pizza Hut in Charlotte, North Carolina early Sunday morning, but because he was an employee at the pizza chain, he may be in some hot water.

According to this story from, three suspects, at least one of whom was armed with a gun, broke into the restaurant at about 1:40 a.m. while the business was closed. There were no customers, but employees were still working.

When he saw the robbers, the armed employee pulled his gun and fired at them, striking one suspect and sending the others fleeing. Employees then called police. Paramedics pronounced the suspect dead at the scene, the story says. He was later identified as 28-year-old Michael Grace. Officers also recovered Grace's handgun used during the robbery.

The other two suspects have yet to be identified and remain at large, according to the story.

According to the Pizza Hut employee handbook, which can be found here, the chain prohibits the possession of any and all weapons, including firearms. No exceptions are made for individuals with concealed carry permits or licenses. That goes for Taco Bell and KFC locations as well.

Regarding the incident, Pizza Hut released the following statement:

“The local Pizza Hut franchise is fully cooperating with the Charlotte Police Department as they continue their investigation, but want to stress that the security of its staff is of utmost concern. They are providing support to the team members involved to ensure their health and well-being following this incident. The employee involved in the shooting has been placed on a leave of absence following further review.”

The employee's name has not been released and he is not facing any charges at this time, the story says.