Many times, a would-be robber comes into a business and gets to boss everyone around because he’s the only one with a gun. Other times, an employee or guard will be armed and the power dynamic shifts. And still other times, an armed robber walks into a store full of customers who are all armed, and trained.

In a pair of LiveLeak videos posted in this story, we see a group of men milling about in a convenience store in security footage dated 5/31/17. From their body language, it appears they are there together, and two men appear to have already purchased items and are waiting for the others, but it can’t be said for sure.

Then, a man in a long-sleeve white t-shirt enters the store with a handgun, flips down the visor on his motorcycle helmet, and begins threatening the patrons and the woman behind the counter.

One man immediately puts his hands on his head and moves to block the robber’s view of the other patrons, quickly followed by the man next to him.

The man pulled a handgun, but was quickly outnumbered.
The man pulled a handgun, but was quickly outnumbered.

From another angle, we see another man, who was closer to the back of the store, conceal himself behind display racks. He moves into position, draws a handgun, and opens fire on the robber. The first shot that hits him causes the robber to drop his gun. As he goes to reach for it, it appears he is struck by at least one more shot before lying motionless on the floor.

Cut back to the other angle and we see the other three customers in the store have all drawn handguns proceed to cover the downed aggressor and the door, while the man who shot the robber jogs to the front door to check and make sure the robber didn’t have an accomplice.

All told, the robber walked into four guns when he chose to hit this store, and it appears he paid for it with his life.

One of the men in the store feigned compliance and put his hands on his head, which actually gave another customer time to acquire a line of sight from concealment and take a shot at the robber. The other customers immediately back him up.

All this indicates the armed customers are associated, likely working together, The Tribunist speculates. Their draws, shooting stances, and movements also indicate they are well trained. It just goes to show what a formidable opponent an armed, trained person can be when a criminal thinks he’s attacking defenseless victims.