Here’s a self-defense story out of Liverpool, Ohio that proves sometimes just having a gun is enough.

This story from says a toll worker on the Newell toll bridge, which brings traffic from Newell and East Liverpool, was surprised by a man who suddenly burst in.

“He had startled the toll taker when he came in,” said Capt. Darin Morgan of the East Liverpool Police Department. “The toll taker said, ‘you shouldn’t sneak up on me like that.’ The guy had his finger in his pocket stimulating a gun and he told the toll taker ‘give me all of your money.'”

The robber didn’t have a gun, just the finger in his pocket. But the toll worker was armed.

“The toll taker is a concealed carry permit holder,” Morgan said in the story. “He showed his gun to the robber and the robber fled the area without getting any money.”

Later, East Liverpool police arrested Mark Pradinovich of Wheeling for the alleged attempted robbery.

From the story:

“Police hope this is a lesson to anyone thinking of taking advantage of toll takers or others working late night jobs on the roadways.”

“No shots were fired—this time.”

“’Things could have really turned out bad, depending on the situation,’ Morgan said.”