Two alleged robbers were working an interesting scam in Charlotte, North Carolina: one of them stole some guns from his girlfriend’s home, and then they proceeded to go door-to-door pretending to sell them.

Their plan was to see who was interested, and then rob the people of the money they were going to pay for the guns, according to this story from

The story says a man answered the door at his residence outside of Lincolnton around 2:45 p.m. on Saturday when Marion Palmer Yarborough, 51, and another man knocked and attempted to sell him firearms, police say. When he showed interest in paying, the two men held him at gunpoint and made him lay on the floor.

That’s when a woman emerged from a back bedroom opening fire with a handgun of her own.

The suspects returned fire and a firefight ensued, with shots fired from inside and outside the mobile home, with Yarborough killed in the crossfire, the story says.

The story says the remaining suspect fled the scene along with a woman. Police are still searching for them.

Charges aren’t expected to be filed against the unidentified female shooter, as “this appears to have been a case of self-defense,” the story says, but District Attorney Mike Miller will make the ultimate decision.

The story says Vicki Currence, who is Yarborough’s girlfriend and the owner of the stolen guns, filed a police report after the shooting telling police two handguns and a shotgun were stolen from her home the previous Monday.

The story says Yarborough in 2009 he faced charges involving the robbery of his nephew’s step mother and spent seven years in prison for the home invasion. He was released in March.

He was also previously convicted of common law robbery in 2001 and 2008 and of robber with a dangerous weapon in 1990, serving five separate stints in state prisons.