Two women were watching TV in their Frederick, Maryland home Saturday night, when a man used a lawn statue of the Virgin Mary to smash his way inside. It could have been the beginning to a tragic home invasion story, but because the women were armed and kept cool heads, it’s merely the story of an arrest without injuries, according to this story from

As the intruder—later identified as Jose Mauricio Escobar-Flores, 40—was struggling with the door, the two women ran upstairs. One called 911, while the other armed herself with a handgun and went back downstairs to confront the intruder, the story says.

Police say Escobar-Flores put the lawn statue down after breaking the glass door. Once inside, he went into the kitchen and picked up “two large knives and a sharpening tool,” the story says.

When the homeowner went downstairs, she found the intruder in the kitchen with the knives. He proceeded to ignore the homeowner’s commands to drop the weapon, but with the woman holding the gun on him, Escobar-Flores didn’t attempt to leave the kitchen, the story says.

When police arrived, they found the intruder still in the kitchen holding the knives and that he dropped them promptly when ordered to do so. The story says the officers approached with their guns drawn, but the confrontation was quickly de-escalated and that they “encountered a language barrier.”

Lt. Kirk Henneberry told the Frederick News-Post that police can’t say what motivated the break-in.

The story says Henneberry “praised how the women kept police informed of the dangerous situation.”

“I think they acted very wisely,” Henneberry said in the story. “One was explaining to the dispatcher exactly what was happening while the other was taking steps to defend themselves if they had to…for an unfortunate incident, it was a very fortunate outcome.”

The story says Escobar-Flores has no fixed address and that he was treated at the scene for injuries to his hands and arms from breaking the glass on the door.

He was charged with home invasion, reckless endangerment, malicious destruction of property greater than $1,000, and first- and third-degree burglary and first- and second-degree assault, according to court records.

He is being held without bail at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, the story says.

The victims were not identified.