Armored Door: One Awesome Steel Target

Matt at Demo Ranch unloads on a 3-inch thick steel door to see what caliber finally penetrates this ultimate steel target.

Have you ever seen something purported to be bulletproof and thought, “I wonder how many rounds it can take.”

Matt over at Demolition Ranch has pretty much based his entire Youtube channel on variations of that theme, be it locks, body armor, or a Hi-Point pistol.

In this video, he takes aim at a steel door that’s about three inches thick and weighs 200 pounds, proving that even something that seems impenetrable just needs the right tool for the job.

A look at the side of the door, so you can see how thick it is.
A look at the side of the door, so you can see how thick it from youtube

In his typical fashion, Matt begins with a .22LR, and moves all the way up through his handgun arsenal to the .50AE Desert Eagle. The door doesn’t mind any of them, not even the “armor-piercing” rounds from an FN FiveSeven.

However, that all changes when he moves up to rifle calibers, showing the stark line that divides armory rated for handguns and armor rated for high-velocity rifle rounds.