If you’re a suppressor owner, or in the market for one, get ready for the ATF’s Rule 41F, which takes effect July 13. It will have some major impacts on the way National Firearms Act transfers are processed.

One of the changes it will bring: Wait times for NFA stamp applications could double once the rule goes into effect, according to this story from This will be due to the fact that every member of a trust or corporation must submit two fingerprint cards along with a passport photo each time an NFA item is purchased under the Trust.

All pending applications submitted before the rule change will be grandfathered in, so many are rushing to submit their applications before July 13 to avoid the extra requirements and wait.

In the plus column for gun rights, the new rule also eliminates the requirement for a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) to sign off on every NFA application to purchased suppressors short-barreled rifles, fully-automatic rifles, and other regulated items. In many cases, this allowed a CLEO to arbitrarily deny Americans from owning NFA items, the story says.

“For the first time in 82 years, local law enforcement will no longer have de facto veto power over any NFA applications,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association in the story. “While their inclusion in the process made sense in 1934, before background checks, or even computers existed, the removal of this antiquated measure from the NFA process is a major victory for the suppressor and NFA communities.”

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