Lanny Barnes (left) helps Bonnie Zoella with her stance at the Babes with Bullets handgun camp. photo from

Babes with Bullets is a different kind of gun group for women. It’s the only women-only traveling firearms training camp, that is also taught by female instructors.

According to this story from The Durango Herald, a camp was recently held in Red Mesa, Arizona led by instructors Tracy and Lanny Barnes, twin sister Olympic biathletes who competed in Sochi, Turin, and Vancouver; and Lisa Munson, a national and world champion in shooting sports.

The group was founded back in 2004 and has taught more than 5,300 women how to shoot over the years.

In the story, Camp Director Deb Ferns said the program focuses heavily on safety, and it shows women how to shoot a variety of handguns, how to draw from a holster, and how to shoot on the move.

“I love that we get so many women who are completely out of their comfort zone,” Ferns said in the story. “We teach them how to run the gun safely instead of letting the gun run them.”

She said in the story that more than 80 percent of the women at BWB camps are novices whos tart with a .22LR handgun before moving on to a 9mm pistol.

Ferns herself was 45 when she learned how to shoot. By age 50, she was competing.

“I was a new shooter, and I met these women who were all world and national champions,” she said in the story. “It was like an epiphany. I took the idea to create this camp and ran with it.”

BWB offers 10 camps across the country each year, including 3-gun camps.

The Herald spoke to Texas native Katherine Hinton who has been shooting handguns for three years and has attended six BWB camps, along with her daugher, Shaleene Schuster.

Hinton even brought her mother to the first camp she attended, the story says.

“I took my 75-year-old mother to the first camp I attended,” Hinton said in the story. “It doesn’t matter what age you are, they can teach you.”

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