Battlefield 4 Gets Five New Guns

Dice has released the Spring Patch for Battlefield 4! From Dice: “There are 5 new weapons incoming as well as a full weapons balance pass and the return of the party mode ‘Game Master.'” Each of the game’s five gun categories gets a new weapon: assault rifle, carbine, PDW sidearm, and light machine gun, according to this story from

The production company has made good on its promise to maintain regular updates for Battlefield 4 even in the wake of its successor, Battlefield: Hardline.

So let’s take a look at the guns:

The game’s new weapons include the AN94 assault rifle with a two-round burst, Groza-1 carbine with a built-in vertical grip, the Groza-4 personal defense weapon with integrated suppressor, the Saddle Gun Sniper sidearm that uses magnum rounds, and the L86A1 magazine-fed light machine gun.

AN-94 Assault Rifle

Battlefield 4 Gets Five New Guns
The Russian AN-94 assault rifle has a unique two-round burst firing mode.

The AN-94 is a Russian assault rifle designed as a potential replacement for the AK-74 series of rifles currently in service. It’s complex and expensive, which has slowed its adoption. The AN-94’s claim to fame is its ability to delay the recoil force until the fired round has left the barrel, which, in theory, would enable more hits on target.

The real gun offers a two-shot burst function, just like the one in Battlefield. The mechanism fires the second shot in the burst quickly enough to allow it to escape the barrel before the recoil of the first shot is felt. This allows for, potentially, two very close hits.

Groza-1 Carbine and Groza-4 PDW

Battlefield 4 Gets Five New Guns
The Russian OTs-14, Groza, also known as the Groza-1 carbine, has an integrated foregrip that can’t be removed.

The Groza-1 carbine is actually the OTs-14 Groza, another Russian gun. It’s a selective fire bullpup assault rifle chambered for 7.62x39mm that was developed in the 1990s at the TsKIB SOO in Tula, Russia. It shares 75 percent of its components with the AKS-74U.

The Groza-4 is officially the OTs-14-4A, a shortened version of the carbine chambered in 9x39mm subsonic and uses the same 20-round magazine as the AS Val assault rifle and VSS Vintorez sniper rifle. It was adopted in 1994 by the Ministry of the Interior’s OMON Special Operations troops.

Saddle Gun Sniper sidearm

Battlefield 4 Gets Five New Guns
What Battlefield 4 calls the Saddle Gun Sniper is a version of Steve McQueen’s Mare’s Leg cut-down Winchester lever-action rifle.

What the game calls the Saddle Gun Sniper is really a Mare’s Leg. It’s a rifle that show’s up often in movies and games, which is appropriate, since it was born of a Steve McQueen TV series. Mare’s Leg was the name given to a customized shortened lever-action rifle used by McQueen’s character on “Wanted: Dead or Alive” (1958-1961). The gun was originally introduced in 1957 on the TV series “Trackdown, where McQueen first appeared as a bounty hunter. It was made by cutting down a .44-40 caliber Winchester Model 1892 to a size that could be worn in a leather leg holster and used with one hand, as McQueen did.

It was also called a Winchester Randall or a Randall Special. Today, it’s a generic term for a Winchester 1892 or similar rifle with a shortened barrel and stock, and usually an enlarged lever loop and duck-bill hammer.

L86A1 Light Machine Gun

Battlefield 4 Gets Five New Guns
The L86A1 is the light machine gun version of the standard British rifle, the L85A1.

The L86A1 is another real-life firearm. It’s the light machine gun version of the main British bullpup assault rifle, the L85A1, chambered in 5.56. It has a longer barrel and a bipod with a shoulder strap, rear pistol grip and a shortened handguard. Otherwise, it’s identical to the L85A1 and uses the same magazines.