Beretta App Lets You Keep a Digital Hunting Diary
App Lets You Keep a Digital Hunting Diary
The app for the Beretta GunPod 2 can track the details of your hunt or day at the range.

The GunPod 2 app can turn your iPhone or Android device into a digital hunting diary. It has the tools to help you record and organize journal entries, photos, and videos from your hunting trips.

It’ll record details such as your gun model and caliber, the type of ammunition, and the weather conditions. It also makes it easy to share the details of your hunt on your favorite social network, and has an emergency tool that allows you to make a phone call to a pre-defined phone number that will note your GPS position so people will know your location in an emergency.

Here’s a video on how the app works:

Gun-mounted hardware that works with the GunPod 2 app takes care of gathering all the shot information into your secure and private records, creating the diary of your hunting day. See it here on Facebook.