Beretta introduced the 92X Performance this week at the IWA & Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany. Built with speed and accuracy in mind, the new model takes the iconic 92 pistol platform to the next level by incorporating competition-ready features into a handgun that has proved it’s mettle on battlefields and with police forces the world over.

Built with speed and accuracy in mind, Beretta put a heavier Brigadier slide and new Extreme-S trigger mechanism on a heavier steel frame that reduces muzzle rise for faster follow up shots. To boost competition performance, Beretta outfitted the 92X Performance with a new trigger that looks to be a major improvement over others in the line. The Extreme-S trigger comes from the factory with a trigger pull of 3.3 pounds in single action and 6.6 pounds in double action, and allows you to adjust pre- and over-travel using two screws hidden inside the frame, next to the upper section of the magazine well.

Beretta 92X
You’ll notice the manual safety is not the typical Model 92 safety—its ambidextrous and available in three different size profiles, making adaptable to different shooters as well as different IPSC divisions. Beretta

Despite the diminished pull, the 92X retains the striker automatic safety latch that makes the gun drop-safe even with the up to 40% decreased trigger reset. The thumb safety is ambidextrous, and is available in three different size profiles, making it adaptable to various hand types and different IPSC divisions.

To reduce moving mass to allow the 92X to spit out rounds faster, the hammer has been skeletonized. This, in conjunction with the competition hammer spring, makes for an even faster cycle time than other 92 models. The recoil rod is also built from steel for rigidity to promote accuracy. While weight was subtracted from some parts, it was added to others.

Beretta 92X
The increased weight of the 92X provides stability, but doesn’t violate the parameters of the Brady Bill. Beretta

The Vertec steel frame and the Brigadier slide, bump the weight of the 92X Performance to just under 48 ounces. The added heft increases stability and reduces muzzle rise when shooting, but keeps it legal in states that adopted the 50-ounce maximum weight in the aftermath of the Brady Bill. The railed frame has an extended beavertail grip to provide plenty of purchase.

Manipulating the pistol has been made easier with the addition of serrations on the front and rear of the Brigadier slide. The grip is checkered front and rear for added control. The raised frame profile near the magazine release lets your hand sit as high as possible on the hilt, which is also oversized to enable a deeper hold.

Even the area where the finger rests on the trigger is checkered and was redesigned to achieve a vertical front profile in single action. The oversized mag release is reversible, with an adjustable version available on the aftermarket. The “Match” take down lever ensures a precise reference point for the second hand. The stealth hold-open lever stays out of the way of your trigger finger when it’s at rest.

Beretta 92X
In addition to being feature rich, the 92X is also a pretty sweet looking pistol. Beretta

The 92X is no slacker in the looks department either, with a two-toned look obtained using a Nistan finish on the frame and slide, contrasting with the black burnished barrel. The fiber optic front sight is easy to pick up, and is flanked by a rear sight that is adjustable for both windage and elevation. The 15-round magazine, two of which ship with the gun, wears an oversized rubber pad to increase grip surface and protect the magazine from drops.

The 92X is comes chambered in either 9mm Parabellum or 9x21mm, but there’s no word on pricing or availability yet.

Beretta 92X Specs
Action: Single/Double
Barrel Length: 4.9″
Caliber: 9×19 Parabellum, 9x21mm
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Overall Height: 5.8″
Overall Length: 8.7″
Overall Width: 1.8″
Weight (unloaded): 47.61 oz.
Beretta 92X
A few different views of the Beretta 92X pistol. Beretta