A Better Chainsaw Bayonet

Because...you might need one—someday—for something...

If Zombies ever attack, you’d wish you had a chainsaw attached to your AR.

In 2012, Robert Weir of DoubleStar Firearms designed what is perhaps the most unique accessory ever to be slapped on an AR. Using his background as an outdoorsman and a machinist, he created the Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet](https://www.panaceax.com/weaponized-chainsaw/copy-of-zxcs-chain-saw-in-coyote-brown) to attract visitors to DoubleStar's booth at SHOT Show. Drive traffic it did, so much so that Weir knew he had to bring the product to market. He founded Panacea X, and sold around 100 units at $800 a piece.

On November 8, 2017 USA Today released a much-criticized video showing various accessories that can be placed on an AR-15, including the chainsaw bayonet, as they mistakenly assumed it was a common item instead of a gun show curiosity.

the Killsaw
The gen 2 gun-mounted chainsaw, the Killsaw, has a better battery that can be mounted on the stock of a rifle, for better weight distribution.photo from panaceax.com

This brought the Zombie X to the attention of the masses, and consumer demand increased immensely. Because of all this newfound attention, Weir decided to create a new model, which he dubbed the Killsaw. He debuted the weaponized chainsaw at the 2018 SHOT Show, as seen in this video from guns.com.

The new model has the same 10-inch blade as the original, but features greater power, longer battery life and a battery pack that can be mounted on the gun’s stock to help with weight distribution.

Maybe we'll have a leafblower model by the fall...