Officials announced this week that six people, including four gun shop owners, have been charged with multiple felonies following an investigation by the New York Police Department revealing a gun running operation responsible for the illegal sale and resale of at least 82 firearms, according to this story from

The story says that in a little more than a year, Abdul Davis, 52, of New Jersey sold the more than six dozen firearms, as well as corresponding ammunition, to an undercover detective posing as a gun dealer from Manhattan.

This is how it went: David would buy the guns from four different gun shops out of Virginia and Georgia with the specific intent to bring them back to NYC for illegal resale to the undercover cop. Over the time period, 26 separate transactions occurred between Davis and the officer over 13 months, for an average price of $1,150 per gun, the story says.

“Illegal firearms like these fuel the very violence in our streets we seek to combat,” said New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton in this story form the New York Post. “This is a great takedown for us because it stops what’s going on.”

David would arrange the transactions by phone call or text message, wire the money, then travel to the sellers’ homes for pick-up. The story says some sellers would give Davis the firearms up front with the promise of payment once the guns were sold in New York.

The totals include 67 pistols, 8 revolvers, 5 “assault weapons,” and two shotguns, along with ammunition, according the story from the Post.

“This alleged interstate trafficking conspiracy clearly illustrates how deadly firearms from “Iron Pipeline’ states flood New York City’s streets,” said New York County District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. “To stem the flow of illegal guns, we must deter traffickers from this lucrative business by prosecuting not only Manhattan-based illegal weapons dealers, but residents of Southern states who knowingly provide them with guns to be resold in our city.”

Davis’ girlfriend, Shelita Fuderberk, 50, a New Jersey Department of Corrections employee, is facing charges for alleged involvement as well.

“We have her present during certain gun buys. She’s an active participant,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said in the Post story.

The four others named in the indictment are all accused of knowingly supplying firearms to Davis for illegal sale and are being charged with Conspiracy and Criminal Sale of Firearms.

The story from lists each charge against the individuals brought by prosecutors.