Nerf guns of today aren’t what they were back in the ’80s. These days, they can fire little rubber-tipped foam darts with surprising strength or with a super-high rate of fire from magazines and even belts, really making those office CQB engagements something to behold.

Plenty of people have taken the stock plastic dart launchers apart and modified them to increased power and speed, but Mark Rober has taken the home Nerf mod to a new level.

He tapped some engineer friends to help him build an absolutely monstrous version of one of Nerf’s most popular revolver-type blasters.

What’s inside? It has a 3,000 psi paintball air tank on board as a power source (no battery packs here) and a PVC firing chamber regulated to 80 psi that will launch a dart made of a pool noodle and a toilet plunger at 40 mph, according to this story from

But then, the Eclectical Engineering guys had to take things a little bit further, simply because they wanted to massacre some watermelons with it. Duh. They replaced the air system with a blackpowder cannon and swapped out the foam darts for wooden dowels and even some 3D-printed projectiles. Check it out: