Bill Maher Owns Guns For Protection, But Others Have a “Sickness”
Bill Maher owns a gun, but told Playboy that people who “love guns” suffer from a sickness.

Like many publications, Playboy magazine interviews many celebrities, but what’s interesting is the title’s habit of asking them if they own guns. Bill Maher, the comedian who hosts “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, has said before that he has guns. In the May issue of Playboy, the editors asked him why.

Maher told Playboy he has “two guns. They’re for protection. We live in a gun country, even Los Angeles. I’m not expecting anything to happen, but I want to be ready for it. So I have a lot of security measures at my house. If somebody gets into my bedroom, wow, they really did a lot to get there. They got past gates, bodyguards, dogs. If I have to shoot somebody in my bedroom, that was a commando raid on par with the SEALs getting Bin Laden. My gun is my last line of defense.”

Playboy‘s response: “It’s strange to think of you as a gun lover.”

Maher said, “I do not love my gun. That’s the…problem with these Second Amendment people. They love guns. For them, it’s not just that guns should be available; it’s that they’re seen as awesome. They go into Chipotle with their rifles. They go on dates with their guns. They take selfies with their guns. They teach their kids to kill with them. They give them as gifts. It’s a sickness.”

Before discussing guns, Maher also told Playboy that “I’m pro the truth. And some peoples’ feathers get ruffled more than others’ by the truth.” So I’d like to ask Maher, as a fellow gun owner, to meet people at gun ranges and those who lawfully carry concealed, and as he gets to know them, to ask himself if these gun owners really have a “sickness.”