An Ohio lawmaker thinks elected officials should be able to defend themselves in public buildings, while regular citizens cannot.

According to this story from, an Ohio lawmaker has introduced a bill that would exempt elected officials fromt he firearms ban in government facilities in the state.

Republican Rep. Nino Vitale says the proposal, HB 310, is supposed to help public officials defend themselves if necessary.

“The political climate is unfortunately extremely extreme,” Vitale said in the story. “There are a lot of places in government where we’re simply not protected.”

Vitale, who the story says is a concealed-carry instructor and an NRA member, said the measure would only apply to elected officials with CCW permits, citing the recent shoting at a congressional baseball practice in Washington D.C.

Senator Says N.J. Judges, Legislators Should Be Allowed to Carry

From the story:

“Jim Irvine, executive director of the Buckeye Firearms Association, said his organization is still looking at the legislation before taking an official stance and questioned why lawmakers should be afforded more concealed-carry rights while other law-abiding gun owners are left waiting. Irvine hoped lawmakers would make broader revisions to the concealed-carry law.”

The story says the Ohio House has seen a number of gun-related bills recently.

House Bill 142 would eliminate the requirements for gun owners with CCW permits to notify police of their firearms when pulled over in their vehicle. Another bill would repeal the requirement for a permit, instituting constitutional carry, but the story says both bills are expected to fail.

House Bill 233 aims to help concealed-carry permit holders avoid being penalized if they carry concealed firearms into some gun-free zones and then leave the area when asked.

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