Blackhawk! 3-in-1 Concealed Carry Holster
The new Blackhawk! 3-in-1 Concealed Carry Holster.

A new holster from Blackhawk! promises civilians and law enforcement alike a way to carry in the most popular configurations with one holster.

The 3-in-1 Concealed Carry Holster can be worn inside the waistband, inside the waistband with tucked shirt, or mounted on a belt. Users can reconfigure the pancake holster using its three-slot design for strong-side carry, behind-the-hip, appendix, and cross-draw carry on belts up to 1.75 inches wide.

Crafted from premium leather and injection-molded plastic and features tension-adjustable retention and a trigger guard for safety and security. The holster also allows for the user to adjust the cant and ride, and it features a built-in shirt shield for added comfort and to create a moisture barrier between the user’s body and the firearm.

“We know that our customers rely on their equipment to keep them safe, and we are excited to offer such a multifaceted holster,” said Jarrett Beck, Blackhawk Product Director, in a release. “This new holster offers personal adjustability, safety, convenience, and value in an all-in-one package.”

There’s no word on a price yet or for which handgun models the 3-in-1 will be introduced first. For more, see this post from