Billionaire anti-gun advocate and former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg has made a massive donation to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, to focus on five challenges, one of which is gun violence, according to this story from the Baltimore Sun. The $300 million give, which coincides with the school’s centennial anniversary, is the largest donation in the institution’s history.

The money will fund new faculty position and fellowships, research and scholarships as part of the Bloomberg American Health Initiative.

From the story:

“The initiative is to target drug addiction, obesity, gun violence, adolescent health and environmental threats—challenges now understood as public health problems that are killing and sickening people around the country.”

It appears the school’s cancer-fighting initiatives are over-funded.

The NRA issued a statement saying the gift is another attempt by Bloomberg to “manipulate every sphere of human activity.” Since he graduated from Johns Hopkins as an undergrad, Bloomberg has given the school about $1.5 billion, the story says.

In yet another revelation about the anti-gun program is a report that interview segments with John Lott were edited out.

Breitbart: Bloomberg Had Gun Rights Supporter Cut From Couric Documentary

From this story on NRA-ILA:

“Nevertheless, gun control advocates have falsely claimed that the funding restriction is a ban on “research” into the causes and possible responses to firearm-related crime in the U.S.

“Ironically exposing that lie, Barack Obama in 2013 issued an official directive to the CDC to “conduct or sponsor research into the causes of gun violence and the ways to prevent it.” This, despite the fact that the funding freeze continues to remain in effect. He has also repeatedly called on Congress to appropriate $10 million to fund the CDC’s efforts (an effort Congress has wisely refused, considering how notoriously politicized the Executive Branch has been under Obama’s watch).

“Bloomberg’s gift this week is 30 times larger than Obama’s funding request. And while that money will not be solely devoted to ‘gun violence research’ it is likely the single-largest investment in gun control in the history of the United States and will undoubtedly release a torrent of new gun control advocacy posing as dispassionate ‘research.’”

The NRA goes on to say that the “guns as a disease” rhetoric is nothing new and simply another avenue toward gun control.

“…He – and all his colleagues researching ‘gun violence’ as a ‘public health’ issue – see their role first and foremost as justifying restrictive gun control by whatever means they can concoct. To them, lawful commerce in firearms in the main vector in the spread of a fatal disease, which means that anything that suppresses that commerce must be ‘healthy.’”