Can creating a shopping experience that more resembles a high-end retail outlet than a typical gun store encourage more women to get into guns and the shooting sports? The owners of Frontier Justice, a gun shop with a boutique feel and concierge service, believes it will.

“There’s nothing like this across the United States,” Bren Brown told Kron 4, speaking about Frontier Justice, the 33,000-square-foot store located in Kansas City, Missouri, she founded with her husband Mike three years ago.

Unlike traditional gun stores, Frontier Justice features high ceilings that give the shop a high-end feel that is more reminiscent of a top-tier department store than a gun shop. Instead of crowded rows of rifles and pistols tucked behind a counter, they are on display in glass fixtures that look like they belong in Tiffany’s, inviting customers to take a closer look. The scent of grapefruit and vanilla gently wafts through the air, encouraging patrons to relax.

In an interview with Kera News, Bren said the boutique was “fashion-oriented destination shopping,” complete with women’s fashions, a small café, and on-site shooting range featuring concierge-style service for VIP members, complete with personal lockers and a swanky lounge.

To further engage guests, Frontier Justice regularly hosts events like book signings or what they call “date night.” Interested couples can get a night out at the shop, complete with dinner for two, and, of course, a gun and shooting lane rental, two boxes of ammo, and a keepsake photo—all for $50.

It’s not just about Mom and Dad at Frontier Justice, though. The Browns’ motto of “faith, family, freedom” can be found throughout the store, as well as on marketing materials. Bren believes “children are key,” and adding more families to the firearms community ensures that the Second Amendment will continue to be protected. Bren told Kron 4, “Creating this environment where women feel comfortable coming in is crucial. Because no woman is letting her child go somewhere she doesn’t feel comfortable.”

The frequency of National Instant Criminal Background Checks (NICS) conducted are used as a proxy for retail firearm sales. Data from the months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election showed more background checks conducted than any year on record. Since the election, NICS numbers have been on a bit of a decline, dropping about eight percent, and some retailers have seen about a 30 percent drop in sales.

“The Trump slump is a real thing,” Brown was quoted as saying in Kera News. “I voted for Trump and I’d vote for him again because I think he’s the best thing for our country right now, given the choices at hand in the last election. But it certainly has not been good for business.”

The decline hasn’t seemed to have hindered Frontier Justice. Last year, the Browns opened another store in Kansas City, Kansas to augment their Kansas City, Missouri location.