Boy Suspended from Preschool for Having Empty .22 Casing
Kristy Jackson, Hunter’s mother, says she doesn’t know if her son will return to the school after his seven-day suspension. photo from web photo

In another example of political correctness, zero-tolerance, and adults refusing to think for themselves gone completely off the rails, a 4-year-old preschooler, Hunter, was suspended from his school in Troy, Illinois for the sin of bringing a piece of brass to school.

Kristy Jackson, Hunter’s mother, posted on Facebook about the incident and it has since gone viral.

Unbeknownst to his parents, Hunter found an empty .22 casing, thought it was neat, and took it to school to show his friends, according to this story from

“I was met with a stone-faced teacher who said that my son had a ‘shotgun bullet.’ I was horrified, thinking, ‘where could he have gotten this?'” Jackson said in the story of when she was called to pick Hunter up from school.

Hunter’s parents then got a letter saying their son had been suspended for seven days and that they had been “repeatedly reminded about Hunter using other toys as make believe guns, in violation of school policy.”

From the story:

“The school’s vice-president told Fox 2 the suspension was for more than the shell casing; that the school was simply following its discipline policy. He said he couldn’t go into further detail, citing confidentiality concerns.”

The story says Hunter got the brass casing during a visit with his grandfather, who is a Caseyville police officer, and, the story says, made it a point to begin teaching Hunter about hunting and responsible gun use at a young age.

“(Hunter) just was wandering around in a field and picked it up and put it in his pocket and didn’t tell his parents…it’s paranoia. It’s something that’s become quite epidemic where guns are automatically assumed that they’re bad…and I’m not sure how a 7-day suspension teaches my son anything about tolerance or anything about why he was wrong. It just means his school doesn’t want him there because of the things he enjoys.” Jackson said in the story.

To top it off, the school’s vice-president emailed Jackson to tell her he was notifying the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, in accordance with policy.

Jackson said in the story she doesn’t know if her son will return to the A Place 2 Grow preschool after his suspension is up.