Brit Gets 6 Years for Having Guns Nearly 150 Years Old
A Belgian-made .41 caliber “Frontier” model circa 1880s. web photo

According to a story from, a 29-year-old South London man was sentenced to six years in prison for owning two revolvers that are older than the Queen herself—much older.

Marvin Jones was sentenced on August 3 in connection with a search warrant on his home that was carried out the month before. During the search, two revolvers identified as a Belgian-made .41 caliber “Frontier” model and the other a Smith & Wesson top-break revolver, were found in a bedroom wardrobe, the story says.

The search was in connection with a drug investigation that did not result in a conviction, the story says.


The guns are certainly of the antique variety, but that hardly matters under Britain’s extraordinarily strict firearms laws. Frontiers were made in Liege in the 1880s and were usually chambered in 44-40 WCF, which means the cops may have gotten the caliber designation wrong, or this is a truly rare Frontier. The story says they once sold well in the Sears and Roebuck catalog for $3.85.

The S&W, says, is likely a .38 Double Action Second Model, which was produced around 1884, judging from the squared-off trigger guard.

A new government report also calls for doctors to tell police about gun owners’ medical details.

UK: Police Should Have the Right to Enter Any Gun Owner’s Home

To put that in perspective, either gun could have been carried in London during the gaslight era of Queen Victoria when Jack the Ripper was making headlines.

“Marvin Jones is a dangerous individual and I am pleased that he has been dealt with by the courts. The professional and thorough investigation by officers greatly rebutted his nonsense claim that he was an antique firearms collector,” said Detective Inspector Paul Dorey, from the Trident and Area Crime Command in the story. “Today’s result serves as a reminder to anybody involved in the possession and use of firearms that officers from the Trident will actively pursue them and place them before the courts.”