The folks at 9NEWS in Colorado got a question from a viewer to it’s tip verifying email that asked whether a local roofing company’s advertisement was “for real.” The person had seen a wraparound on a company car that said customers get a free gun with a new roof.

The news channel investigated and got in touch with Weatherproof Roofing and Exteriors to see if they were really standing behind the promotion, according to this story from

“Yes, ma’am. It’s absolutely real,” said owner James Webb in the story. “We started it last year, and the response has been overwhelming.”

Benny Boyd Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep in Andrews, Texas, is offering new car buyers who support the Second Amendment a gun to go along with the purchase of a vehicle.

I’ll Take a Jeep and a 9mm

The post says the promotion works like this: if WRE replaced a customer’s roof, he gives them a gift card to the Centennial Gun Club that covers the costs to buy an AR-15 platform rifle, a shotgun, or a handgun.

Of course, the customers still have to go through the same NICS check that everyone does when they go in to redeem their gift card.

“Everyone still has to go through the background check process and follow all the same guidelines as if they were a regular person going in to purchase a firearm,” Webb said in the story.

Of course, not everyone might want a free gun, as bizarre as that sounds. If that happens, Webb gives them a $500 gift card to Cabela’s.

The promotion has certainly made a difference for Webb, who says in the story its hard to stand out in a state where there are about 2,000 roofing companies.

A Texas jewelry store is handing out free-gun certificates to anyone who buys an engagement ring.

Buy a Diamond, Get a Gun

“We started the promotion August 1, 2016 and within two weeks we had 200 people sign up,” Webb said in the story. That’s up from 20 to 40 leads per month.

The story says about 70 people have redeemed their coupon and picked up a free gun. Webb is in the process of opening another branch in Texas and even more expansion in the future.

Webb has a disclaimer posted on his website that recommends taking a gun safety class and promises that anyone who can’t pass a background check won’t get a gun, and that his company isn’t responsible for any misuse of a firearm once a person takes possession of it.

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