California doesn’t seem to be done with passing gun laws in 2016.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bunch of bills on Monday, including one addressing firearms stolen from police vehicles and used in crimes, according to this story from the Los Angeles Times.

Sen. Jerry Hill introduced SB 869 in response to an incident where a gun was stolen from the car of a federal Bureau of Land Management ranger and was used to kill a woman in San Francisco.

The new law requires all law enforcement officers in the state and concealed carry permit holders who leave firearms in their cars to lock them in a lock box or in the trunk, the story says.

Hill said the bill will “ensure that the requirements for safe gun storage in vehicles are the same for everyone—law enforcement officers and civilians.”

The package of anti-gun legislation will have a huge impact on law-abiding gun owners in the state.

California Gov. Signs Draconian Package of Gun Laws

Another bill signed by Gov. Brown directs the state attorney general to develop a uniform concealed carry license to replace the current permits that differ by county.

Another measure signed by Brown allows law enforcement officers to buy and use guns that are on a list of firearms deemed “unsafe for untrained civilians.”

Two months ago, Brown signed a package of seven gun control bills including a ban on magazine holding more than 10 rounds, banning the sale of semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, and a law requiring background checks be performed for every single ammunition purchase.

On Monday, Brown vetoed two gun bills, the story says, including one that would have allowed sheriffs and police chiefs to lift the $100 cap on fees for concealed weapons permits and a bill that would have allowed joint registration of firearms shared by spouses and domestic partners and changed the rules for lending firearms to one another.