California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Last Friday, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a package of anti-gun legislation that will have a huge impact on law-abiding gun owners in the state.

First up is a law that supposedly closes the so-called “bullet-button loophole.” Under California’s current “assault weapons” ban signed into law in 1990. The button requires a tool (often the tip of a bullet) to remove a magazine from a firearm, making it legal under the California ban. A pair of bills changes this, making those illegal as well, according to this story from the LA Times.

Another new law requires background checks for every ammunition purchase in the state and creates a state database of ammunition owners, and another limits the magazine capacity of any firearm to 10 rounds.

According to the story, the new laws also:

“Require those who make guns at home to register them with the state and get a serial number so the weapons can be tracked—Require an ID and background check to purchase ammunition and create a news state database of ammunition owners.”

“Restrict the loaning of guns without background checks to close family members.”

Brown also vetoed three gun bills, which ironically are the only ones that had anything to do with criminals. If he’d signed those bills, they would have:

  • Clarified that theft of a firearm is a grand theft and is punishable as a felony

  • Required stolen or lost guns to be reported within five days

  • Limited Californians to the purchase of one rifle or shotgun per month

He also vetoed a bill that would have allowed co-workers, mental health workers and school officials to petition the court for a “gun violence restraining order” for people judged a danger to themselves and others. It would have allowed guns to be confiscated for a year.

“Gov. Jerry Brown today signed a Draconian gun control package that turns California’s law-abiding gun owners into second-class citizens,” said Amy Hunter, the California spokesperson for the NRA. “The governor and legislature exploited a terrorist attack to push these measures through even though the state’s already restrictive laws did nothing to stop the attack in San Bernardino.”

As you can see from this post on, the company that invented the “bullet-button” has already come up with a solution to let gun owners keep their rifles in California by requiring partial disassembly of the gun to remove the magazine.

Brown signed the gun bills just before leaving for a European vacation expected to last “a few weeks.”