Blackhawk! Diversion Series Bags

From full-frame packs to smaller bags Blackhawk! has a lot of options for those who wish to carry a concealed firearm to the office or range.

Getting your firearms from one place to another often requires some thought, especially in urban or suburban areas. You must keep your valuable guns protected—not only from scratches and dings, but also from individuals. Industry leader BLACKHAWK! has tackled this problem head-on by pulling technology from the tactical and outdoors markets to create an inconspicuous solution for moving firearms. They call it the Diversion line. These bags and packs mimic everyday backpacks and satchels, but are fully customized, low-profile weapons transport cases. For discreet and convenient off-body carry, the Diversion Carry Sling Pack and Diversion Carry Backpack offer quick and easy access to hidden handgun compartments. Both packs have lockable zippers and come with universal hook-back holsters. Each can be worn in such a way that puts the firearm close to the body and in responsible control of the wearer, while providing quick access should a dangerous situation arise. Meanwhile, the Diversion Range Bag, Courier Bag, Racquet Bag, Workout Bag and Board Pack offer full-featured firearm, accessory and ammunition transport with the look of standard bags. In each product, padding and specifically-tailored pockets and configurations provide the ultimate firearms and shooting gear transport solution. The Racquet Bag, Workout Bag and Board Pack are even built to accommodate rifles up to 29 inches or AR platforms separated into upper and lower receivers.