We’ve said this for a lot of states since last year, and now we’re saying it for Wisconsin: the number of people getting concealed carry permits is soaring.

The state began issuing CCW permits in late 2011, according to this story from In the five years since, more than 280,000 permits have been issued to people who have gone through process.

“There’s people all across the state, like my wife, who went through a course, got the training, and that added protection,” said Gov. Scott Walker in the story.

According to the story, the Badger State has an adult population of about 4.4 million, meaning about one in every 16 adult Wisconsinites now has a CCW permit.

The story also says the key to Wisconsin’s success is that they didn’t make the permitting process too burdensome on the applicant. The original fee was set at $50, but lowered to $40 when that amount was deemed enough to meet state processing costs. The state doesn’t require fingerprints or photographs from applicants for the carry permits. The state has never required licensing for open carry.

Recently Gov. Walker signed Act 149, which implements constitutional carry for knives in the state, getting rid of its ban on “switchblades” and automatic knives going back to 1956.