Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz.

So what does a pro quarterback get for the guys who protect him from 300-plus-pound NFL defensive linemen all season? He gets them guns, of course.

We already knew the Philadelphia Eagles’ rookie quarterback Carson Wentz is an avid hunter. We reported that he received news in September that he was being bumped to the top spot after Sam Bradford was traded while he was laying in a New Jersey cornfield with a shotgun across his lap hunting geese.

While the team was off for its bye week in October, Wentz posted a photo to Instagram of the first buck he ever harvested with a bow, making some people consider how conflicting it must be to be a hunter and work for the NFL, which operates primarily during hunting seasons.

Carson Wentz Buys Shotguns For Entire O-Line
Carson Wentz with his first bow buck. Instagram

This story from says “the rookie quarterback endeared himself to the men up front by buying each of them a Beretta shotgun for Christmas. Each is personalized with the player’s number engraved on the butt of the gun.”

“This is an awesome gun. I’m excited about it,” said Eagles offensive guard and fellow hunter Allen Barbre. “I don’t know if I’ll shoot it though. It’s pretty nice.”

Babre told the shotgun is one of Beretta’s Silver Pigeon models, which retail for about $2,000.

I turns out they’re not the only shooters on the team.

“I like to go clay shooting and stuff,” said guard Brandon Brooks. “All I’ve got is a home defense tactical shotgun, short-barrel, so I was looking for one of these.”

Some of the Eagles O-line, however, are gun newbies, but Wentz, a North Carolina native who played for North Dakota State University, has offered to teach them how to shoot.

Carson Wentz Buys Shotguns For Entire O-Line
Wentz reportedly got his O-line an over-under shotgun from Beretta’s Silver Pigeon line. This is a Silver Pigeon V. mfg photo

“I haven’t really held a gun or anything before,” said rookie Isaac Seumalo in the story. “But I’m more than thankful for it. It looks sweet. Carson said he’d teach me how to use it and all that good stuff.”

Wentz didn’t actually bring tens of thousands of dollars worth of Beretta shotguns into Lincoln Financial Field, and the guns aren’t all ready yet, so he sent each player a text message with a photo of the gun model attached.

Wentz’s addition to the team looked to be the start of a remarkable season, with the rookie QB earning Philly a streak of wins and Wentz earning himself an NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month award for September. He became the first quarterback since 1970 to win his first two games without throwing an interception. But the magic wore off and Wentz ended up with 14 interceptions and 12 fumbles, but a solid passing percentage of 78.2. The Eagles missed the playoffs, dropping to their current record of 5-8.