The SLIM Scarlet model from Dene Adams.

A new concealed-carry product for women is as much fashion as it is a functioning holster and extra magazine carrier that can be worn under pretty much anything.

Anna Henry, Founder and CEW of the Kansas City-based Dene Adams, LLC is producing a line of corsets with integrated holsters that conceal a firearm around the midsection.

“I ended up grabbing a corset and a postpartum wrap and moist pad, and I sewed them together and it worked,” Henry said in this story. “I concealed the way I was looking for.” A couple dozen prototypes later, and Henry launched her business in 2014.

Currently, the Dene Adams site offers 10 different models of its corset holster in three cuts and several colors. The Slim model is a wrap-around design while the Hourglass model includes a thing material back and shoulder straps.

From the site:

These stylish and innovative compression holsters make carrying a concealed weapon extremely practical and comfortable. A complete change in wardrobe is no longer required in order to carry your compact pistol. The SLIM corsets can hold a pistol up to 7.5 inches.

Our ultra-feminine corsets allow you to holster your gun securely against your body using our patent pending technology. This concealed carry holster is designed with practical use and fashion in mind.

The HOURGLASS Royal retails for $129.99.

Henry says she’s never had to access her holster in self-defense, but at least one of her customers has.

“She came home in the middle of the night and she was carrying in her corset,” Henry said in the Fox story. “And she had a man in her apartment, and she was able to hold him at gunpoint until police arrived.”

She says her biggest clients are LOEs, housewives, and real estate agents and that she has been approached about appearing on ABC’s reality show “Shark Tank.”