Even though it proves a point, this is a very stupid thing to do. Nobody should ever do this, for any reason. EVER.

Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere for that matter. The CEO of Bulletproof Everyone, Dallas Jolley, really stand behind his company’s products. He recently proved the effectiveness of BE’s bulletproof jackets by firing a round from his own 9mm into his side at point blank range. Dallas Jolley obviously believes in the quality of his company’s bulletproof garments, putting his life on the line to prove their abilities. He started Bulletproof Everyone via a crowd-funding campaign in December of 2017, with the goal of creating bulletproof garments that were comfortable and didn’t look out of place in everyday wear. Evidently, others thought this was a good idea as well, and the campaign raised nearly $300,000—almost $275,000 more than an its initial goal. Bulletproof Everyone products provide comfortable protection from .22 LR up to .44 Magnum, at affordable prices. There are a variety of styles to choose from for men, women and children. Garments range from hooded sweatshirts to formal outerwear. Perhaps their most notable product is the replacement panels that can be fitted inside backpacks that can be used as a shield if needed.

The Freedom Unisex Bulletproof vest from Bulletproof Everyone.
The Freedom Unisex Bulletproof vest from Bulletproof Everyone. Bulletproof Everyone

There’s even a polo shirt rated to stop a .45 ACP round.

All Bulletproof Everyone outerwear meets the abbreviated NIJ 0101.06 IIIA standard, stopping calibers from .22 LR up to .44 Magnum. The jackets can stop 12-gauge slugs, even in children’s sizes. The garments also provide protection against slashes and stabs from sharp objects.

And, One More Time: DON’T EVER DO THIS. EVER. Jolley had a medical team on-hand while filming the video above to provide immediate attention if needed. And though he took the blast well, you can bet that bruise will be with him for a long time—and even if a bullet doesn’t penetrate a bulletproof garment, potentially serious physical damage can still occur.

Prices start at $250 and go up to $429. For more information about Bulletproof Everyone, visit