Champion Rifle Rests

Here are some quality options for anyone who needs to keep their rifle or pistol zeroed.

It’s impossible to pull off a precise task if the foundation you’re working on shimmies and shakes beneath you. Shooters have known this for as long they’ve been sending rounds downrange. A good rest allows one to place precise shots. But one doesn’t fit all. Shooters have unique wants and needs. The new line of rifle rests from Champion Shooting Gear is a good example. They are built to stand up to the rigors of the range with cast aluminum and steel tube construction. They also are made with a leather-and-polyester front shooting bag to provide a solid yet delicate cradle for any firearm. “We gave these rests superior recoil management resulting by lowering their center mass. It’s what sets our rests apart from the competition,” said Tony Kremer, Champion’s product designer. With multiple points of adjustment, shooters can not only manipulate elevation and windage, but also level the rest on any surface with the three independently adjustable feet. The Champion Premium Rifle Rest is designed to accommodate firearms ranging from rimfires to magnum centerfires rifles and MSR platforms. You can put weights on the steel tray to tame the harshest recoil, and adjust the overall length by as much as 3 inches to find the optimum balance for a specific firearm. The Premium Shooting Rest also has fine adjustment control to zero in on the target. Champion’s Enhanced Rifle Rest offers many of those same features with a durable cast metal and steel tube frame, and a precise, easy-to-adjust elevation range of 2 1/4 inches. The adjustable steel feet with removable polymer covers grip any surface and level the rest on an uneven shooting platform. It’s also compatible with most magazine-fed rifles, which means shooters can use it with their new MSR, as well as bolt or lever guns. Shooters who want the same performance in an even more affordable package can also opt for Champion’s Performance Shooting Rest. It provides all of the Enhanced Rifle Rest’s features, but with a durable molded polymer front section and a removable steel weight tray for added stability and felt-recoil reduction.