Now a relic of a bygone era, in 1985 you could order a Chevy truck with an Outdoorsman Package. It came in hunting trim with a bunch of gear that included with a Winchester Model 94 in .30-30 complete with Chevy medallion in the stock, a Tasco scope, gun case, window rack, safety glasses, and a Winchester hat.

In the mid-1980s, Chevy offered the package, which could be had in hunting, fishing, or camping editions that came stocked with items to help you enjoy your favorite activities. Estimates place total production numbers of these unique vehicles, pitched by football legend Dick Butkus, at around 200.

Buyers of a 1985 Chevy full-size pickup, S-10 pickup, Blazer or Maxi-Cab could opt for the Outdoorsman Package which had unique pin striping and four special paint colors such as Forest Green, Gunmetal Gray, Smokey Mountain Blue, and Colorado Gold. Purchase price also included an assortment of hunting, fishing, or camping gear, valued at $500.

The special edition truck came with a special edition Winchester Model 94 XTR lever action rifle.
The special edition truck came with a special edition Winchester Model 94 XTR lever action rifle. Reddit

Purchasers of the hunting package received a special edition Winchester Model 94 XTR with a commemorative Chevy medallion set into the stock and outfitted with a Tasco W 4×32 scope held in place with Holden 751 Iron-Sighter scope mounts. You could transport the 94 in your choice of the included Doskocil Deluxe 101 gun case or two-gun rear-window rack. Rounding out the gear package was a pair of Tasco shooting glasses and a Winchester cap.

It’s hard to imagine a car company offering a firearm as part of an incentive package nowadays, but we can always hope. I’d love to see a manual transmission Ford F150 paired with a Kimber Super America. (Hint, hint.)


In case you were wondering, the fishing package came with: a Boron BHV casting rod with Ambassador Ultra Mag XL Plus casting reel; a Penn 650SS saltwater reel, a Bass Pro 7’ rod, a Zebco 20/20 spincast reel & Power Plus rod, a Chevy Outdoorsman jacket, a Chevy Truck cap, a pair of Roland Martin Pro-View glasses, a Fiskars filet knife, a 750-piece lure kit, and a Plano 1162 Magnum tackle box.

The camping package included a 12’ x 10’ Bass Pro Shops Outdoors Family Skydome tent, a Sunartic portable 12-vot cooler/warmer, a 45-piece Camper’s Kitchen, a multiple-use Bass Pro Shops sleeping bag, and a Brinkmann rechargeable lantern.

A bigger shot of the rifle.
A bigger shot of the rifle. Chevy Forum