Bengals safety George Iloka.
Cincinnati Bengals Take Police Firearms Training
From the video on of Iloka taking on a shoot/no shoot simulation. web photo

After the officer-involved shooting of Philando Castillo last year, Cincinnati Bengals safety George Iloka and his teammates say they struggled to understand how it could have happened, according to this story from

So, instead of just arguing, they reached out in an attempt to understand, and spoke with an officer who provides security for the NFL team. Iloka says he began to see things from the police perspective too.

According to the story, Iloka and his teammates accepted an invite to spend a four-hour session in the Cincinnati police academy’s firearm training simulator, where they went through various shoot/don’t shoot scenarios.

Bengals safety George Iloka.

From the story:

“When it was Iloka’s turn, he shot an armed suspect, but in a different simulation, he shot a person who was only carrying a water bottle.

“Capt. Russ Neville told the publication it offered Iloka a whole different perspective.”

“That person beats you and you look over and there is a touchdown scored, you live another day. Life goes on. We make a mistake, it’s your life or someone’s life,” Neville said.

If you go here, you can see some video of Iloka’s training session, which included Simunition force-on-force training as well as video simulators.

Cincinnati Bengals Take Police Firearms Training
Iloka, who has had no training, shot one simulated attacker who was armed, but also shot an innocent bystander who suprised him holding a bottle of water. photo from web photo