According to this story from The New American, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Hillary Clinton (NY), has some real plans for the nation’s firearm laws if she is elected, and they looks a lot like California’s.

This story from Breitbart says Clinton wants Americans to undergo background checks to purchase ammunition of any kind, according to former Los Angeles mayor Antonia Villaraigosa, speaking on behalf of the candidate at a roundtable discussion last week.

Villaraigosa said Clinton supports California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s efforts to implement background checks for ammo purchases in his state, as we’ve reported.

From the story:

“In its coverage of the Clinton campaign event — which featured an appearance by former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — CBS Los Angeles reported that Villaraigosa told the supporters gathered at Homeboy Industries in Chinatown that Clinton supports the state’s proposal to require background checks before buying ammunition.”

“Clinton also wants to impose, according to spokesman Villaraigosa, the ‘implementation of universal background checks on the national level and a ban on ‘assault weapons.’

“…the consolidation of control of all weapons and ammunition in the hands of government (the instrument of millions of gun-related deaths in the 20th century) has been a Hillary Clinton priority for years.”

The story says that the hour-long meeting featured testimony from PRIO, the permanent mission of Mexico to the UN, the Spanish foreign affairs ministry, and Norwegian Church Aid. The story says they all agreed that it would be easier to control ammunition than firearms.

“Without bullets, a gun is not much more than a baseball bat,” said Hilde Wallacher of Norwegian Church Aid.

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